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Book description

Societies all over the world are broken into hierarchies and social classes. This structure is well-exemplified in a home with servants. How does this relate to the bigger picture of government and politics? Hungarian master author Deszo Kosztolanyi explores this topic in, “Anna Edes”.On the surface, “Anne Edes” is a novel following Mr. and Mrs. Vizy (a bourgeois couple) who seek out a new maid for their household. Enter: Anna. Anna is the perfect maid, bringing not only cleanliness but also peace to a home during the anxious time after World War I. However, there is much more to the novel.“Anna Edes” drips with symbolism, metaphors, and an exploration of government tactics, politics, socialism, communism, etc. Although the novel is carried by simple-enough characters; the layers are numerous and detailed. “Anna Edes” is the type of novel that a teacher or professor would assign his/her students to dissect. Even though Kosztolanyi doesn’t follow the ‘normal’ form of a story with an introduction of the characters, a story arc, a climax, and conclusion; “Anna Edes” is still compelling. The characters are comforting and familiar and yet nothing is foreshadowed. Kosztolanyi is a genius at symbolic meanings and meshing together complexity with simplicity. “Anna Edes” simply has that special ‘something’ in the classical strain which results in a page turner.In line with this style, Kosztolanyi’s text/language is beautiful and classy but without being stiff and difficult to understand. It also helps that Anna Edes” contains some humorous moments breaking up the philosophy and resulting in more comfort. A negative for the general reader is the very strong Hungarian essence within the story. In order for the plot and actions of the character to truly resonate; it is best to be familiar with Hungarian culture or better yet: to be Hungarian. Therefore, “Anna Edes” may be slightly discriminating and not suited for a mass audience appeal (note: I am Hungarian but I can see where there would be issues on the pages for those who are not).“Anna Edes” is told in an omnipresent voice but doesn’t feel detached or lacking in detail. As the story progresses, the narrator alternates between the viewpoints of each character with each having his/her own qualities and freshness. This is not something every author could “get away with” but Kosztolanyi succeeds. “Anna Edes” is both entertaining and well-written.The novel does become more story-like approximately half-way through with a more character study focus; building to an unknown climax. This quickens the pace and makes the novel even more readable. The symbolism remains, though, and the reader can continue to extract underlying lessons. The climax of “Anna Edes” occurs at the end and is unexpected, creative, and well-contrived with high energy but not being overly produced. This climax is perfect to add to the novel and political satire. The final pages of the novel include Kosztolanyi incorporating himself into the pages in order to briefly mention his own opinions of the political landscape. This is slightly odd and somewhat choppy but is also understandable with the direction of “Anna Edes”.“Anna Edes” is not for everyone as it is a satire and offers manifolds of symbolism versus a traditional story novel. However, this is done gracefully and compellingly with ease. The novel is certainly set in a specific time frame but can be applied to any culture during any period. Although not Kosztolanyi’s best work (in my opinion); “Anna Edes” is recommended for those readers interested in modern classic Eastern European literature which will make one think while reading.

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