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“To admit to liking Withnail and I is to declare oneself unfit for adult company. It is a sad trifle, an aberration, an immature folly, to be outgrown and forgotten.”- Kevin Jackson“perhaps the funniest and possibly the most profound comedy ever produced by the British cinema”- Kevin Jackson*This book begins with the case for the prosecution - Withnail and I is an embarrassment, only boys find it funny, the same boys who commit Monty Python sketches to memory, its humour is entirely based on being drunk or finding elderly gay men risible; admit it, it’s dreadfully reactionary, more like a self-indulgent fringe play by a first-time author never to be heard of again. Overacted and peopled by Carry On style grotesques.The British Film Institute, God bless their little cotton socks, continues to emit this cute series of itty bitty books containing beautifully illustrated essays on selected great movies. It’s the film equivalent of the 33 1/3 series of little books on great albums. I recommend them all, except that both series suffer from the vertiginous gulfs between the aesthetic and intellectual approaches the different authors favour, so that for example the BFI Citizen Kane is an unreadable no-star screed of feminist-Freudianism but the one on 42nd Street is an undiscovered five-star marvel of comedy. You never know what youre gonna get. Kevin Jackson’s Withnail is a jovial spree, but with any movie about an alcoholic misanthrope, there are darker striations.Something I didn’t know : Uncle Monty is based on Franco Zeffirelli. That deserves an exclamation point. !Turns out that in 1968, soon after graduating, Bruce Robinson, writer-director of Withnail, landed the part of Benvolio in Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet. He later described events to none other than Ruby Wax. It was a casting couch situation - “then he’s suddenly fishing in my tonsils with his tongue”.Bruce Robinson tells his anecdote humorously, and uses his experiences in his movie (and gets bashed for homophobia for it). I read this book in the same week Rolf Harris got found guilty for groping, his offences being with young girls, going back to the 1960s. So Withnail becomes an example of how something serious so often isn’t accepted as serious because it’s expressed - by the perps - in the lighter colours of fun, silliness, joking, humour, smiles, larking around, & so victims think ... Maybe this is all part of joining the adult world. This must be what happens to everyone.Depending on what the Italian laws are like, Bruce Robinson (aged 68) could get Franco Zeffirelli (still with us, aged 91) charged with sexual assault.As I say, this comedy has darker edges. In fact it has a profound sadness to it. We know that Withnail, the beautiful, deranged alcoholic, is and will always be a failure. His co-conspirator in inebriation and squalor, Marlowe, will get the lead in a new production and a smart haircut and will turn and say “I’ll miss you, Withnail”. And will leave. And Withnail, alone in London Zoo, with the rain pouring, will act the part of Hamlet, but only to a company of wolves. “I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth”. I note that Kevin Jackson, author of this nice essay, recently edited The Anatomy of Melancholy.

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